Echo Data Exchange

The Echo Data Exchange system is designed to provide small and medium sized businesses (SMB) better control of supply chain integrations and to efficiently distribute information to downstream partners. The system allows merchants to centralize their own system to system integrations, lowering the overall cost and complexity of maintaining their payment ecosystem. The Echo Data Exchange system will securely route all types of data, including accounting, inventory, and payment transaction related information.


Global Transaction Routing

APOGEE’s Global Transaction Routing allows merchants to route transactions to the ideal merchant account based on rates, processor, platform, or geographic location using parameters such as card type, IP address, or currency. This provides clients using multiple merchant accounts the ability to route sales to the processor best suited for the payment transaction. In this way, merchants can gain better control of the fees associated with cross border sales and crippling cash reserves imposed by the processor. The technology also acts as a contingency tool, as it will automatically reroute transactions if the primary processor is unreachable.


Automated Clearing House (ACH)

APOGEE offers one-time and recurring Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions for merchants. ACH is an electronic checking network for financial transactions in the US. It allows merchants to expand the number of ways customers can pay. ACH rates are favorable to credit card processing rates, often saving merchants 1% or more per transaction. ACH payment details such as address, bank routing or bank account number are always encrypted and transmitted using secure tokens. Convenience for merchants is built into the process with the capability of sending out ACH to large quantities of people; as in affiliate marketing, through the use of our batch upload option.


Credit Card Updater

The Credit Card Updater offers merchants the opportunity to reduce the decline and failure rates associated with recurring payment transactions. On average, 25% of all subscription billings fail each year due to expired or replaced credit cards, increasing unnecessary processing costs and customer attrition. Based on the merchant’s desired intervals, Credit Card Updater automatically updates credit cards which are expiring or were replaced because they were lost or stolen. APOGEE’s Data Vault safely stores the new information and ensures that future charges will be successful.



The APOGEE layaway system allows merchants to create customized payment sequences and activate payment plans for customers. With APOGEE’s layaway system, merchants can attract more customers by offering a flexible layaway plan that fits customers’ needs, instead of a lump sum up-front payment. As the customized plan is completed, the services or products can be delivered. Additionally, merchants can charge a convenience fee to their customers for the layaway service. Existing clients have reported that the layaway function has been a substantial revenue booster in numerous verticals.



MojoBill™ is a customer-centric accounts receivable and automated recurring billing system designed by APOGEE. It allows clients to create custom billing plans, send invoices to customers, and monitor payment cycles. Clients can design unique plans for different customers with flexible amounts, start dates, durations and more. MojoBill™ can also assists users to help manage and review cash flow for any time period in graphical format.  MojoBill™ also provides users the point-and-click power to manage capital, allowing users to forecast future issues.


Easy Charge

Easy charge is your key to wireless transaction processing available on any Android or iOS device. Accompanied by a stylish and secure mobile card reader, this app allows merchants to perform credit card sales, authorizations, captures, refunds, voids, and more within the APOGEE Payment Gateway. All transactions are processed in the highest security level environment and are PCI Compliant.


Shopping Cart

Our Shopping Cart Integrations Include the Following