Updates and Integrations

LEVEL II/III Fields Support
Obtain the best interchange rates! SPARROW allows business to only pass the minimal levels of information and not cause a disturbance to you and your clients.
Level II cards provides clients with additional information on their credit card statements about their transactions. Level II cards enable clients to easily track the amount of the sales tax and to reconcile transactions utilizing a unique customer code.
Level III data is available for purchase cards, which are special credit cards that employees uses to make purchases for their company. During the settlement, you can receive additional information about the purchase card order.

ARC Report with all fields
SPARROW ARC Reports were updated to include additional Passenger information. This update enables merchants to utilize the full range of report generating options against transaction and airline ticket data.

CSP-Change Payment Date
This function has the ability to change the Plan Payment Dates right in the Client Service Portal. This will allow the clients the flexibility change the payment dates, sequence of their plans and many more! This will help clients manage their own recurring payments and redundancy when it comes to recurring payment options.

FBI Tools
Our state of the art FBI Tools Fraud Protection module was updated with a new and easier to use interface. This allows merchants to quickly implement control over their merchant accounts using the full range of options available.

Echo Data Exchange (EDE)
EDE (Echo Data Exchange) was updated adding the option to export data contained in daily settlement records. This gives merchants the complete cycle in external reporting. Reporting from Sale to Settlement for external system accepting http/https payload, web services, FTP and SFTP.

Data Vault Dashboard
Modernized UI Dashboard with various transaction search options:
- Account Updater Statistics
- Transaction Types
- Transaction Status
- Transaction Amount