SPARROW’s innovative payment solution has established the most advanced reporting system available to date. Clients are capable of customizing, searching, saving, and exporting a multitude of reports across various systems. All saved reports are available to view, modify, and export into Excel at any time.

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Customer Scoring

SPARROW Customer Scoring allows clients to better monitor, categorize and interactively respond to its customers according to their loyalty and purchase history. Merchants can assign points to customers based on average purchase amount, frequency of visits, refunds chargebacks and disputes. This information can be used to identify customers who are problematic (widely known Friendly Fraud) and limit their purchase ability. Conversely, merchants can also get a clearer picture of who their best customers are!

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Interchange Optimizer

SPARROW’s Interchange Optimizer helps merchants identify and minimize downgraded credit card transactions. Having fewer downgrades lowers the total costs of credit card processing dramatically, which in turn optimizes cash flow and stops a nasty profit leak. SPARROW’s Interchange Optimizer can reduce or eliminate the majority of downgrades from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.

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